Easter Triduum Schedule 2017

Easter Triduum Schedule 2017

12Holy Thursday
April 13, 2017 @ 7:00pm
Mass, Procession to Queen of Peace Chapel, Adoration till 10:00pm
(No 7:00am Mass)

Picture9Good Friday
April 14, 2017 @ 7:00pm
Service, Liturgy of the
Word, Adoration of the Holy Cross and Rite of Communion
(No 7:00am Mass)

Holy Saturday
April 15, 2017 @ 8:00pm
3Easter Vigil
Followed by a reception in the Food Court for the Confirmed.
(No 7:00am Mass, No 4:00pm Reconciliation and
No 6:00pm Mass)

4Easter Sunday
April 16, 2017 @ 7:00, 8:45 and 11:30am Masses
5:00pm Mass)
Easer Egg Hunt following the 8:45am Mass. Meet in the St. Ann Food Court and please be sure to bring a basket for your child


The goal of the challenge: 50 homes for 50 families in 2017

Sounds like a lot, but, as a Family Promise Support Parish

our number is 1
Please help us to find that “one”

Family PromiseAre you a landlord? A rental manager? Or do you know one? If you answered “YES” the St. Ann Homeless & Affordable Housing Committee and Family Promise of Hawai`i invite you to join the “House-a-Family Challenge”.

Here are some ways you can help:

  1. Find out about the “House-a-Family Challenge” through the FAQ and Fact Sheets. E-mail Sue Slavish @ sueslav@gmail.com and she’ll get them to you.
  2. If you’ve had a Family Promise experience, share it with that landlord or rental manager. Share the FAQ and fact sheets with them.
  3. Contact Christy MacPherson, Family Promise Housing Specialist christy@familypromisehawaii.org or @ 548-7478 or share it with that landlord or rental manager you know.

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Today’s Reflection

palm sundayWe have travelled with the Lord in to the desert of temptation, seen him in transfigured glory, listened in on his conversation with the woman at the well, watched in amazement as he cures the man who has been born blind and calls others to conversion.  His raising Lazarus from the dead strikes us with awe.  Now, we travel with him through the gates of Jerusalem where he will face betrayal, arrest, a trial and torture.  Then, he will suffer death.  Let today’s readings reach into the depths of our minds and hearts.  Let us pray that the Holy Spirit will lead us to accept the crosses we encounter in life and to unite those with the cross of Christ.

How do you see your own crosses as a participation in the cross of Christ?

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Next Sunday’s Readings – April 9, 2017


Palm Sunday of the Passion of the Lord

Matthew 21:1-11 Isaiah 50:4-7 Philippians 2:6-11 Matthew 26:14-27:66

Does the King of glory find a welcome entry in your home and heart? Jesus went to Jerusalem knowing full well what awaited him – betrayal, rejection, and crucifixion. The people of Jerusalem, however, were ready to hail him as their Messianic King! Little did they know what it would cost this king to usher in his kingdom. Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem astride a colt was a direct fulfillment of the Messianic prophecy of Zechariah (9:9):

Rejoice greatly, O daughter of Zion. Shout aloud, O daughter of Jerusalem. Lo, your king comes to you; triumphant and victorious is he, and riding on an donkey and upon a colt the foal of a donkey.

The colt was a sign of peace. Jesus enters Jerusalem in meekness and humility, as the Messianic King who offers victory and peace to his people. That victory and peace would be secured in the cross and resurrection which would soon take place at the time of Passover.

Augustine, the great 5th century church father, comments on the significance of Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem:

“The master of humility is Christ who humbled himself and became obedient even to death, even the death of the cross. Thus he does not lose his divinity when he teaches us humility… What great thing was it to the king of the ages to become the king of humanity? For Christ was not the king of Israel so that he might exact a tax or equip an army with weaponry and visibly vanquish an enemy. He was the king of Israel in that he rules minds, in that he gives counsel for eternity, in that he leads into the kingdom of heaven for those who believe, hope, and love. It is a condescension, not an advancement for one who is the Son of God, equal to the Father, the Word through whom all things were made, to become king of Israel. It is an indication of pity, not an increase in power.” (Tractates on John 51.3-4)

Psalm 24 is another prophetic passage which echoes this triumphal procession of the King of glory:

Lift up your heads, O gates! and be lifted up, O ancient doors! that the King of glory may come in.

Jesus Christ came to bring us the kingdom of God. He is the true King who offers peace, joy, and everlasting life for those who accept his kingship. Does the King of glory find a welcome entry in your heart and home? Do your walls echo with the praise of his glory?

“Lord Jesus, be the King and Ruler of my heart, mind, life, and home. May my life reflect your meekness and humility that you may be honored as the King of glory!”

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Today’s Reflection: 5th Sunday of Lent

We do not need to fear death.  God wants us to believe: “I will put my spirit in you that you may live.” The second reading informs us God will raise our mortal bodies from the dead because Christ dwells within us.  Jesus surprises Martha by saying believers will never die because eternal life begins now, the instant we believe.

5th sunday of lent.png

How do you know God’s Holy Spirit dwells within you?

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First Reconciliation Service
“Forgive us our trespasses,”
Our Lord taught us this.  We are ever grateful for this sacrament of healing.
On Saturday, February 25th,  our students from “weekday school” and “Sunday school” gathered to celebrate their First Reconciliation in church.
We are grateful to Father Herman and Father Ed, for ministering to our keiki.
We are grateful to our catechists, especially the children’s       teachers: Ms. Kelsey Nirei, Mrs. Kris Campbell and Mrs. Linn   Bautista, for preparing them.
We are  grateful to our parents, who catechize to our young      continually.
The Sacrament of Penance and Reconciliation is available for us each week, Saturdays at 4pm.
God wants us to continue HIS work of healing and salvation.
Mahalo Ke Akua !!!



He Knows Your Heart
By: Kimee Cruz, CI Catechist and Contributing Writer

Estevan and Alicia singing worship songs during reflection

On March 12 the Youth Ministry had our Stations of the Cross   Prayer Service. Many of the youth have done the Stations of the Cross before, but this time it was as if they felt it. Often times in our lives we go through the motions of life, yet we don’t often feel it. This time it was different, our youth shared they understood what it meant to “pick up the cross”. We all have our crosses to bear and during this service we carried them and welcomed them because we knew what Jesus did for us. Some students shared that they felt “shaky”, they felt forgiven, they felt protected. We discussed this feeling and how this is what the Holy Spirit intended for us to feel. Such powerful words coming from our youth. During their adolescence stage in their lives to feel this way and share it is hopeful.  At the end of the service, Alicia and Estevan sang beautiful worship music, while the teens had quiet time to answer reflection questions and meditate on the “Passion of the Christ” images and scriptures on the screen. During this time, the Catechists and other Youth Leaders prayed over the youth individually. Some of the youth cried, they shared they felt “calm” but “something came over them”. They saw their peers experiencing something and they thought to themselves, “I am not the only one going through something”. When the Youth Leaders prayed over them the youth said it felt familiar, safe, and they knew that there were a group of people who were there to pray with them. And while we may not know what to pray for all the time…He knows what is in your heart.

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RE Lent Retreat 2017

reym 1.pngBy: Sylvia Makainai, Religious Education Coordinator

Deny yourself, take up your cross and follow me”- – Matthew 16:24

Words read from our bible to begin our Lenten Retreat, Sunday, March  12, 2017. Thirty-one students, four chaperones and six catechists, rode together up to Saint Anthony Retreat Center, on an old bus.

We began by praying for our driver, “Tony”, and all of our brothers and sisters at St. Ann, Kaneohe. It was a hot sun-shiny day, which meant that we could walk the Stations of the Cross safely.

As we gathered in the Immaculate Heart Hall, the keiki heard about Lent and how ashes put  onto our foreheads remind us that our journey does not end on earth, but our spirit goes on to heaven. Just ask any of the students from RE grades, 4, 5, 6 & RCIC-II, about the retreat. They will tell you about a one     million dollar word of  a lifetime…S A C R I F I C E… We ended our prayer by each of us signing our cross with ashes, signifying our sacrifice during lent.

Mahalo Ke Akua for a safe, meaningful retreat!