Early Registration for Religious Education

reym.pngSt. Ann offers Religious Education & Youth Ministry classes for children and teens, for grades Pre-K (3-4 yrs.) thru High School Confirmation Class.  Registration for the 2017-2018 RE/YM school year is now open!
registerBoth new and returning families must register to attend classes. Parents/Legal Guardians may stop by the RE Office during regular business hours (June and July: Monday thru Friday, 8am – 3:30pm) to fill out a registration form and make payment.
On-line registration is also currently available on our website at ww.saintannhawaii.org. 
The new RE/YM school year begins on Sunday, August 27th.  
Please call 247-3092, ext. 101 for any questions. 

Counselor’s Corner

By Miss Kimee Cruz, School Counselor

corner.pngI’m going to miss our 8th Graders. They each have their own little quirks which made them such a fun group of students to work with. One of the things I noticed about our 8th graders (and, in fact,  most of our students) is that in everything they do, whether it is good or not so good, it’s done with a purpose. Our teachers always try to encourage our students to do something or create something that they are proud of.  At times students’ behaviors can get in the way, but what we, as parents and educators, must remember is some behaviors are age appropriate. Our students take responsibility and show resourcefulness. I will miss them, but I am not worried because their character shows they will succeed and they have parents who will continue to support them.

corner1.pngAs a counselor at St. Ann’s I have a unique job, I get to listen to all the stories the students have. The students’ thoughts and their perspectives are all so different.  It is interesting to get an understanding of how the world works for them. Throughout the year I got to work with the students and teachers to find a common language in order for everyone to succeed. We really do have some amazing kids at this school. Something I observed at many of our family events, like our Ho’olaule’a, is how much love we have for each other. Parents want their kids to be happy, and kids want their parents to be happy. Believe it or not, many times when I ask a student what makes them happy, they respond if my parents/family are happy. Our children have complete trust in us. They worry about us, but of course we will talk with them and assure them everything is going to be okay. This kind of trust that they have in us, is the kind of trust we should have with Jesus.

This summer I invite you to take the time to remember what it was like when you were your child’s age and to see the world through your child’s eyes. As parents, we sometimes can get caught up in life and our kids may not always understand. Sometimes we need to slow down and just be there.  Our kids are always watching us and they want us to be happy, too. Take the time this summer to reconnect! We will see you in August!

The Little Prince

By Miss Brittney Guro, 8A Language Arts Teacher

prince.pngIn The Little Prince, the narrator often differentiates between childhood and adulthood, showing that as we grow older we begin to lose our innocence and imagination. We worry incessantly, judge others, and lose the inquisitive nature we once had. The seventh graders re-opened their minds and imaginations as they channeled their inner little prince. Each student received a similar cut of paper, drew a picture that incorporated their shape, and wrote an accompanying creative writing story. As they continue to look forward to maturing and growing up, they also remember the qualities of the little prince and hope to never lose the carefree, imaginative, open-minded attitude of their childhood.


Author’s Day

First graders did a great job creating stories for their second Author’s Day. They began the process by using a story web. They learned to use their knowledge of adjectives to describe two animal characters of their choice that would interact in their story. They also chose a setting and described it, and then used the theme of “sharing” to creatively think of a problem and solution. After drafts were complete, final copies were written, and drawings done, they were ready to share their creative story. They very proud of their work and practiced reading their stories to one another. The anticipated Author’s Day was on May 10 and they confidently read their stories to students in the 2nd grade. Good job first grade!



now hiringSt. Ann School and Early Learning Center have various positions available for the 2017-2018 school year.  We are seeking warm, nurturing, caring, dedicated and responsible individuals with excellent communication skills and the ability to work cooperatively in an open classroom environment, and as part of a team.  Salaries are based on degree and years of experience.


  • now hiringExtended Care Aide – Part-Time
  • Extended Care Supervisor – Part-Time
  • 4th Grade Teacher – Full-Time
  • 6th Grade Teacher – Full-Time

Early Learning Center

  • Kindergarten Teacher – Full-Time
  • 3-year old Teacher – Full-Time

For more information and an application, please visit the diocese website

http://catholichawaii.org/about-us/careers/ or call 247-3092 ext.102 for school positions or call 247-3092 ext. 130 for Early Learning Center, positions  M – F, 7:00am to 3:30pm.


A Visit to Bishop Museum, Celebrating the Feast of St. Damien

A Visit to Bishop Museum

museum.pngOn May 8th, the fifth and sixth grade classes went on an excursion to Bishop Museum.  The day was filled with discovery, hands-on learning and multiple activities.  Students walked the Hawaiian Hall and learned about the monarchs of old Hawaii.  They watched a movie about the Hokule’a and its navigation techniques in the planetarium.  Students had a great time playing “Who Wants to Be a Rock Star” in the Science Adventure Center and they explored biomechanics in Castle Hall.  On of the highlights of the trip was taking pictures with Sue, the world’s largest and most complete Tyrannosaurus Rex.  It was fun to explore Science and Hawaiian History outside of the classroom!

Celebrating the Feast of St. Damien

damien.pngWhile on the last field trip of the school year to view a Honolulu Theater for Youth production at St. Andrew Priory’s Tenney Theater, grades 1-3 also had the chance to visit St. Damien’s statue at the Hawaii State Capital. The timing was perfect as St. Damien’s feast day was on May 11 and our visit was on May 12. His statue was adorned with leis and beautiful flowers.  Students offered an Oli chant to St. Damien in strong unison.


Fun with Mrs. Brown

To encourage students and their families to attend Family Night at our spring book fair, principal, Mrs. Mandy Brown promised students an incentive if at least 50 students attended the event and it worked!  So, on May 4, 2017 after our morning assembly, students gathered excitedly around Mrs. Brown and first wrapped her in toilet paper from head to toe.  Once she was completely covered, selected students were able to spray her with cans and cans of “Silly String.”  It was a fun way to start the morning and everyone was thrilled that Mrs. Brown was such a great sport!


Erosion & Deposition, Honoring the Last Queen of Hawaii

Erosion & Deposition

By Miss Brittney Guro, 6A Science & Language Art Teacher

erosion.pngThe sixth graders have been studying weathering, erosion and deposition in Science.  Using a book graciously donated to the class from the Book fair, each student chose a rock, mineral or gem to study.  In a first-person creative writing piece, they tracked the erosion and deposition of their rock’s journey through the cycle.

The sixth graders would like to say thank you to the Tamashiro family for donating the Rocks, Minerals & Gems” book for their research, along with all the other families who donated books to the classroom library.  We appreciate your generosity and support!

Honoring the Last Queen of Hawaii

By Mrs. Kathy Johnson, 1A Teacher

queen of hawaii.pngThe first graders honored Queen Lili’uokalani at this year’s May Day program performing a hula to the song, E Lili’u E.  They learned a little history about our last reigning queen through the words of the song and through the introduction that Olivia Fujinaka and Nathan Tabata recited.

A week later,  grades 1-3 visited the Queen Lili’uokalani statue at the State Capitol on a field trip and saw her palace from afar.  What a treat it was for the first graders to further their connection to such a historical person of our past!


Now Accepting Applications for School year 2017 – 2018

St. Ann School and Early Learning Center 

Now Accepting Applications

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For School Year 2017-2018

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