Counselor’s Corner

By Miss Kimee Cruz, School Counselor

corner.pngI’m going to miss our 8th Graders. They each have their own little quirks which made them such a fun group of students to work with. One of the things I noticed about our 8th graders (and, in fact,  most of our students) is that in everything they do, whether it is good or not so good, it’s done with a purpose. Our teachers always try to encourage our students to do something or create something that they are proud of.  At times students’ behaviors can get in the way, but what we, as parents and educators, must remember is some behaviors are age appropriate. Our students take responsibility and show resourcefulness. I will miss them, but I am not worried because their character shows they will succeed and they have parents who will continue to support them.

corner1.pngAs a counselor at St. Ann’s I have a unique job, I get to listen to all the stories the students have. The students’ thoughts and their perspectives are all so different.  It is interesting to get an understanding of how the world works for them. Throughout the year I got to work with the students and teachers to find a common language in order for everyone to succeed. We really do have some amazing kids at this school. Something I observed at many of our family events, like our Ho’olaule’a, is how much love we have for each other. Parents want their kids to be happy, and kids want their parents to be happy. Believe it or not, many times when I ask a student what makes them happy, they respond if my parents/family are happy. Our children have complete trust in us. They worry about us, but of course we will talk with them and assure them everything is going to be okay. This kind of trust that they have in us, is the kind of trust we should have with Jesus.

This summer I invite you to take the time to remember what it was like when you were your child’s age and to see the world through your child’s eyes. As parents, we sometimes can get caught up in life and our kids may not always understand. Sometimes we need to slow down and just be there.  Our kids are always watching us and they want us to be happy, too. Take the time this summer to reconnect! We will see you in August!


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