Erosion & Deposition, Honoring the Last Queen of Hawaii

Erosion & Deposition

By Miss Brittney Guro, 6A Science & Language Art Teacher

erosion.pngThe sixth graders have been studying weathering, erosion and deposition in Science.  Using a book graciously donated to the class from the Book fair, each student chose a rock, mineral or gem to study.  In a first-person creative writing piece, they tracked the erosion and deposition of their rock’s journey through the cycle.

The sixth graders would like to say thank you to the Tamashiro family for donating the Rocks, Minerals & Gems” book for their research, along with all the other families who donated books to the classroom library.  We appreciate your generosity and support!

Honoring the Last Queen of Hawaii

By Mrs. Kathy Johnson, 1A Teacher

queen of hawaii.pngThe first graders honored Queen Lili’uokalani at this year’s May Day program performing a hula to the song, E Lili’u E.  They learned a little history about our last reigning queen through the words of the song and through the introduction that Olivia Fujinaka and Nathan Tabata recited.

A week later,  grades 1-3 visited the Queen Lili’uokalani statue at the State Capitol on a field trip and saw her palace from afar.  What a treat it was for the first graders to further their connection to such a historical person of our past!



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