First Reconciliation Service
“Forgive us our trespasses,”
Our Lord taught us this.  We are ever grateful for this sacrament of healing.
On Saturday, February 25th,  our students from “weekday school” and “Sunday school” gathered to celebrate their First Reconciliation in church.
We are grateful to Father Herman and Father Ed, for ministering to our keiki.
We are grateful to our catechists, especially the children’s       teachers: Ms. Kelsey Nirei, Mrs. Kris Campbell and Mrs. Linn   Bautista, for preparing them.
We are  grateful to our parents, who catechize to our young      continually.
The Sacrament of Penance and Reconciliation is available for us each week, Saturdays at 4pm.
God wants us to continue HIS work of healing and salvation.
Mahalo Ke Akua !!!



He Knows Your Heart
By: Kimee Cruz, CI Catechist and Contributing Writer

Estevan and Alicia singing worship songs during reflection

On March 12 the Youth Ministry had our Stations of the Cross   Prayer Service. Many of the youth have done the Stations of the Cross before, but this time it was as if they felt it. Often times in our lives we go through the motions of life, yet we don’t often feel it. This time it was different, our youth shared they understood what it meant to “pick up the cross”. We all have our crosses to bear and during this service we carried them and welcomed them because we knew what Jesus did for us. Some students shared that they felt “shaky”, they felt forgiven, they felt protected. We discussed this feeling and how this is what the Holy Spirit intended for us to feel. Such powerful words coming from our youth. During their adolescence stage in their lives to feel this way and share it is hopeful.  At the end of the service, Alicia and Estevan sang beautiful worship music, while the teens had quiet time to answer reflection questions and meditate on the “Passion of the Christ” images and scriptures on the screen. During this time, the Catechists and other Youth Leaders prayed over the youth individually. Some of the youth cried, they shared they felt “calm” but “something came over them”. They saw their peers experiencing something and they thought to themselves, “I am not the only one going through something”. When the Youth Leaders prayed over them the youth said it felt familiar, safe, and they knew that there were a group of people who were there to pray with them. And while we may not know what to pray for all the time…He knows what is in your heart.

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