Counselor’s Corner

By Ms. Kimee Cruz, School Counselor

The word Gratitude is derived from the Latin word gratia, which means grace, graciousness, or gratefulness. Multiple studies have been done about showing gratitude and involve journaling and writing 5 things you are grateful for each day. The goal was to see the effect this practice has on people’s happiness. Studies have ranged from 21 days of doing this practice to 10 weeks.  People who participated in these studies noticed a change in their well-being. A positive change!

The idea is that when we show gratitude, our minds are unable to think negative thoughts. Sometimes negative thoughts or emotions can seep through and it can be tough to count our blessings! But, when we manage to see the blessings, we can see all the graces God has given to us.

Often times we can take things for granted. As parents we can help to teach our keiki to be appreciative of the things they have. Appreciation shows respect and respect helps to teach important character traits like having good manners. With the holidays approaching it is natural time for us to teach and reinforce good manners, respect and appreciation/ gratitude. 

journalingIn the larger sense of life we are setting the foundation for our kids by teaching these important things. Our own parents and teachers have taught us similar lessons and we take what we learned and pass it along to our children, maybe not exactly the same but often the same values. Although our approaches can be different, especially since every child is an individual and times have changed, these lessons become ingrained into our minds as well as our keiki’s.  When we are teaching these lessons an easy way to think about what we teach is: Who is it pleasing? Ourselves? Others? God?

I hope that you have a Thanksgiving full of blessings for we have lots for which to be grateful .  Have a blessed Thanksgiving!!

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