Youth Ministry Night Celebrates!

Youth Ministry Night Celebrates! 

By: MaryRose Timmons, YM Coordinator

youth ministry.png

The Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary is a highly respected and recognized feast day in the Catholic Church. On the feast day which was celebrated on Thursday, September 8th,  the St. Ann’s Youth Ministry night took place in the Food Court and kicked off the YM 2016-2017 year!  It was an energetic evening filled with dynamic teens who represented the junior high and high school Confirmation classes in the YM program. Faith-based games were played such as “Bible Bowl”. Each team was given a Bible and had to be the first team to find the Scriptures which were being called aloud by returning Youth Leader, Kainoa Enos.

Once the Scripture was found, the fastest runner had to ring the bell and proclaim the Word Of God. They all did an awesome job as they exclaimed with joy and conviction!  Having a pizza dinner with fellowship gave everyone time to get to know one another and soon found out that much in common had been shared between each other! Singing Happy Birthday to our Heavenly Mother, eating cupcakes and making ice-cream sundaes were also highlights of this grace-filled and blessed evening of fun and faith! Mahalo to the volunteers, Catechists and parents for your support!  Students in grades 9-12, make sure to save the date on October 13th as we gather in the Food Court for our first YM High School Night!

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