Spotlight on Seventh Grade – Part I

The seventh grade students strive to be model citizens for the entire school and have accepted many leadership roles during the course of the year.  With a focus on mature study habits, personal accountability and stewardship, they are encouraged to be more independent and expressive.  Subject area teachers work closely together, providing cross-curricular learning all while focusing on the students’ Catholic identity and growth in Christ.

Monarch Biographies

By Mrs. Desiree Tupou, Grades 5-7 Hawaiian Studies Teacher


Hawaiian Studies students complete a project each quarter of the school year.  The seventh grade students’ fourth quarter project centered on the Hawaiian monarchy.  Students were tasked to select and research one of the Hawaiian monarchs studied during the year.  They wrote a report, speech or biography in the first person narrative about the life of that monarch and the contributions he/she made to the Kingdom of Hawaii during his or her reign or lifetime.  They also drew a portrait and created a family timeline for the monarch and his/her descendants.  After much research, students gave an oral presentation with props and costume portraying the monarch.

TED Talks

By Miss Robin Mishell, Language Arts Teacher


Students in seventh grade are giving Ted Talks on their Essential Questions which require considerable research and higher level thinking skills in order to speak extemporaneously for 2 to3 minutes.  Their essential questions are open-ended questions of high interest that require students to move beyond just studying something. They must form an opinion or create something.   Students are also learning the art of argument writing including the claim, reasons, data, joint, counterclaim and rebuttal parts of the essay.

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