Spotlight on Seventh Grade – Part 2

The seventh grade students strive to be model citizens for the entire school and have accepted many leadership roles during the course of the year.  With a focus on mature study habits, personal accountability and stewardship, they are encouraged to be more independent and expressive.  Subject area teachers work closely together, providing cross-curricular learning all while focusing on the students’ Catholic identity and growth in Christ.

Monarch Art

By Mrs. Rachael Androski, Art Teacher


In art class, the seventh grade students have been learning about form, the element of art that has three dimensions.  They did an amazing job creating their sculpture assignments.  Using wire, tin foil and Paper Mache, each student assembled a human form. They finished up their designs by painting their sculptures to represent the Hawaiian monarch from the Hawaiian Studies research project.

Can You Hear Me Now?

By Miss Elisa Nirei, Science Teacher

Last month, the seventh graders completed their Science Unit on sound.  The students learned about the various types of waves, how we hear sound, musical instruments, and how sound travels.  During class and in our discussions about sound, the students wrote up their doodle notes.  By writing class notes as doodle notes, students are improving their attention during class and memory of the content.

As the students learned about wavelengths and how sound travels, they completed a phone cup lab.  In their lab groups, the seventh graders strung their own phone cups, playing around with different material, distance, and tension of the string to self discover what plays a factor in sound traveling from one location to the next.


Then, at the end of the unit, the students crafted their own musical instrument with at least four different pitches.  They brought their own materials at home and constructed their instruments at home.  At the end of the week, the students presented their instruments, explained how it worked, and played a song for the class.  The instruments ranged from drums to xylophones to ukuleles.

The students had a blast learning about sound and incorporating their learning into their love of music.

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