Stewardship In Action

stewardship in action

stewOur world is filled with people who want us to be good stewards.  Ecologists want us to recycle everything to ensure the health of the planet.  Economists encourage us to plan carefully for our retirement, seemingly securing our personal wealth.  Politicians want to throw money at everything, inoculating us against actually dealing with our social ills.  But Christian Stewardship is more complex than this and yet simpler.  It is at the same time, more than and less than.

Christian Stewardship finds its heart in Prayer.  It is only in seeking the will of the Father, through knowledge of the Son, that the “Good Steward” can understand the desires of the “Master” and be moved to action.   Jesus exemplified the obedience and humility necessary to complete his earthly mission of healing and reconciliation.  Though he was (is) God, his supreme act of selfless-giving was made possible by his constant communion with the Father, as he was strengthened and guided by the Holy Spirit. So are we, when we seek the will of the Father in prayer.

For 175 years, our St. Ann community of believers, under the tutelage of the   Priests, Brothers and Sisters of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary, have strived to continue this mission of Jesus. The Congregation of the Sacred Hearts was founded by Father Coudrin, in March, 1768.   He established their particular charism to honor and imitate the four ages of our Lord:

  1. His infancy by the instruction of children, and by the formation of youth for the priesthood;
  2. His hidden life by the exercise of Adoration;
  3. His public life, by preaching and missionary work;
  4. His crucified life by the works of Christian mortification.

It is fitting therefore,  that we begin our 175th Anniversary celebration with a prayer of thanksgiving for the Stewards of our past and by petitioning Our Lady of Fatima to protect and guide us in the years to come.  You are invited to join in this prayer; a Living Rosary comprised of present and future Stewards of our faith and mission; Friday, May 13th at 7:00pm in our Sacred Space – St. Ann Church. By: Trudy Rawlins

Please visit our bulletins @ ST. ANN CHURCH AND MODEL SCHOOLS
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