It’s all about worms

about worms

The dinosaur Language Arts  program introduces a letter to the children every week, that coincides with the Literature of the week.  The children’s homework is to look for an object that begins with the letter and bring the object in to share.  A few weeks ago the letter “W” was introduced to the class. 

A child in Mrs. Yamada’s class has an “Earth Worm” compost bin at home, and  Yes, you can guess what he brought in:  WORMS!  The children got to touch, feel, and observe the worms.   They were also informed that apple cores, carrots, and other foods, are put into the compost bin to be recycled, instead of tossing it into the trash.  

In the bin the foods decompose and are also food for the worms. They were so excited to learn how worms are great for our environment and how they help the plants to grow.  It was a great hands-on learning experience for the class as well as the teacher.  A big thank you to Spencer Suehiro and his family for sharing their earth worms with the dinosaur class.


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