Happy Easter!

JCTo the good people of St. Ann Parish,

As Christians we recognize that Faith is the most important aspect of Christianity. Without faith in Jesus Christ, we are nothing. Faith in God, although it may seem easy, will take a lifetime of effort to keep, grow and mature. How fortunate we are to have a place – our parish Church – where faith, which begins in the home, we be nourished and strengthened.

This year, as St. Ann Church celebrates 175 years on these holy grounds, our only response is one of gratitude to the Almighty God whose life and love have graced this place way before any of us got here. We likewise give thanks to Blessed Mary, St. Joseph, St. Damien, St. Marianne, the good grandmother St. Ann and all the saints and sinners who have walked through the doors of our church. The power of our Faith comes from the Lord and is reflected in the generations of people who have built this slice of heaven on earth!

Happy Easter,

United in the
Hearts of Jesus and Mary,


Please visit our bulletins @ ST. ANN CHURCH ​AND MODEL SCHOOLS
Or visit our website at www.saintannhawaii.org
You may also call us at 247-3092; ext. 105 for more information


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