Journey to Easter

Journey to Easter

easter 1.png

During the Season of Lent we walked with Jesus and drew closer to him through our Lenten practices of prayer, fasting, and giving to others.  Our Lenten journey has been filled with so many blessings and with different opportunities to encounter our good and merciful Lord.  We walked with Jesus as we recalled his suffering and death during the RE and YM Stations of the Cross prayer services that were held in our program this Lent.  Students in grades 4 through 6, and RCIC II, participated in the RE Lenten Retreat last weekend at St. Anthony Retreat Center.  Also, forty-seven of our RE and YM students received their 1st Reconciliation during this season of Lent. 

Now we begin Holy Week, and walk the final steps with Jesus to the cross on Good Friday, and ultimately, to his glorious resurrection on Easter Sunday.  As we prepare to celebrate these sacred days, we pray that God will bless us with the strength and courage to walk with Jesus every step of the way – during Holy Week and throughout our life’s journey. On behalf of the St. Ann’s Religious Education /Youth Ministry ‘Ohana, we wish all of you a blessed and Happy Easter!

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