Learning the proper way to cut using SCISSORS…

palmsscissorsLearning the proper way to cut using SCISSORS…

scissors1.pngIn the month of February, our three year olds have learned how to hold their scissors properly with their thumbs up, fingers tucked under.  Holding the scissors and cutting the proper way, may seem very easy for adults and older children, but very difficult for an early learner to master. 

 The hardest part for the students is the opening  and closing of the scissors.  They have practiced over and over to accomplish this task, and some are still in the learning process.  Part of the children’s practice time that they have enjoyed participating in, is the free art center which is monitored by a teacher or the aide.  During free art time they have a chance to cut, glue, and create whatever they want.  They love to make art using shapes that they have practiced cutting out.  The children have learned so much since they started school and they are growing so fast.

Mrs. Yamada’s Purple Dinosaurs

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