The students of St. Ann Model Schools and Early Learning Center, from 2-year-olds to 8th grade, participate in a Service Learning Project which allows the children to learn first-hand about our Sacred Hearts Core Values, of compassion and service.  The kindergarten’ service learning is focused on how precious our environment is and how we must take care  of it if we want our earth and it’s resources to remain for the children of the future.  

This year they sought to incorporate information which is relevant to the marine life that are on the endangered list in the Hawaiian islands.  On their excursion to visit sea life park, the students were able to familiarize themselves with the sea animals and fish found in Hawaiian waters.  They learned how important it is for us to protect our ocean environment so that these sea creatures can continue to exist and survive for many years to come.  During the animal show at sea life park, the children learned how smart some of the sea animals are and how they can be taught to help marine research. This week they are doing a reflection about their visit to Sea Life Park.

Taking  care of our community environment is also a focus of their service learning which the students will be learning about next and they will culminate their lesson with a community neighborhood clean-up in April.                    

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