The Top 4 Spellers From Each Class of St. Ann Model Schools

St. Ann Model Schools would like to congratulate the Top 4 Spellers from Grade 1 to 7 class. Good job for a spelling well done!

The 4 First grade Spelling Bee Participants – Calliah-Lei Bolosan, Siahna Klobucar, Sophia Strickler, Luke Noguchi


The 4 Second grade Spelling Bee Participants – Tyler Castello, Alice Hewett, Kahiwa Kamaka, Jamie Tabata


The 4 Third grade Spelling Bee Participants – Justine Cheong, Brooke Fraiola, Aidan Ilano, Luke Minaglia


The 4 Fourth grade Spelling Bee Participants – Kalani Castro, Brienna-Maree Naki, Taylor Tagal, Aloha Kaaialii


The 4 Fifth grade Spelling Bee Participants – Lexi Jaz Manago, Olivia Minaglia, Mysha McGarry, Vivienne Minaglia


The 4 Sixth grade Spelling Bee Participants – Isaac Roa-Leong, Taryn Watanabe, Anderson Sellers, Kahiau Chang


The 4 Seventh grade Spelling Bee Participants – Michelle Matsuda, Larissa Polendey, Sarah Tamashiro, Jade Oh


Gr1-4 participants
Grades 1-4 Spelling Bee Participants on stage and ready to begin their spelling battle. Bee was held in the Food court and began at 8:10am on February 25, 2016.


Grades 1-4 Spelling Bee Winners – (1A) Calliah-Lei Bolosan, (2A) Tyler Castello, (3A) Aidan Ilano, (4a) Taylor Tagal


Gr5-7 participants
Grades 5-7 Spelling Bee participants just beginning their Spelling Bee Competition. It was held in the Food Court directly after the 1st-4th grade bee, at 10:15am, February 25, 2016.


Grades 5-7 Spelling Bee Winners – (6A) Anderson Sellers, (5A) Vivienne Minaglia, (7A) Sarah Tamashiro


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