Mercy in Motion: Dorothy Day

In her youth a radical champion of the poor, homeless and unemployed, Dorothy Day converted to Catholicism in 1927; seeing the Catholic Church as “the church of the poor”.  Embracing the Gospel message, she found that her life’s work contained a spiritual center in the words and works of Jesus.  Finding a like-minded soul in Peter Maurin, they together founded the Catholic Worker Movement.  Using her skills as a journalist, Dorothy became the editor of the Catholic Worker and explained their mission: “Our rule is the works of mercy.  It is the way of sacrifice, worship a sense of reverence.”

Dorothy Day lived a “bohemian” lifestyle before her conversion.  She experienced failed love affairs and a failed marriage.  She attempted suicide and had an abortion, yet in the end she would say, “The important thing would be how well are we doing the work we’re supposed to be doing.  How well are we living a Gospel life?”

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