Student Learning Expectations

e1Student Learning Expectations

We continue sharing our Student Learning Expectations.  It is our expectation that when a child graduates from St. Ann schools, they will exemplify these SLEs.    SLEs have been established as a guide to support students as they become committed and responsible Catholics who care for their heritage;  who seek excellence for themselves and others; and 1.jpgwho are of service to the common good, not living for themselves alone.  (A”ole nou wale no). SLEs are displayed in every classroom as a reminder of  student expectations and our Catholic Identity.

2Cooperative Partnerships

*Participating as team players

*Using talents and teaching others

*Demonstrating respect for self, others, God, Church,  authority, property

*Partnership with SCH/ELC                                                

*Campus Ministry ELC prayer service w/RE Principal   (ELC= share care & play fair.)

Please visit our bulletins @ ST. ANN CHURCH  AND MODEL SCHOOLS
Or visit our website at
You may also call us at 247-3092; ext. 105 for more information


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