Stewardship in the Year of Mercy

Stewardship in the Year of Mercy

advent retreatLast year we used this space to explore Stewardship as the sharing of our Time, Talent and Treasure in the service of God, His Church and His People.  We delved into the roots of Stewardship which ultimately becomes our response to the concept that everything we have and everything we are, is freely given, as pure Gift; unearned, undeserved, unmerited.  Already a very generous people, the parishioners of St. Ann Church answered the call to Stewardship by becoming more involved as liturgical ministers and catechetical instructors. We gave of our Time and Talent by assisting in the serving of meals to the needy, refurbishing homes and providing funds, food and medical supplies to Project Share.  AND we have seen a marked increase in our weekly collections.  There is still so much that needs to be done, however the opening of minds and hearts to answer this call has been, in and of itself, an inspiration.

For the first few months of the New Year we will be taking a look at Stewardship from a different view point.  At first glance it may not seem that Stewardship and Mercy have much in common, but a closer look at the Gospel message will reveal a deep connection between the two; starting with the Ultimate Gift of Mercy. . .the Incarnation.

 ACTION PLAN:  Obtain a copy of Pope Francis’ Misericordiae Vultus-The Face of Mercy, for reflection and reference.  You may find this book on line or at Pauline Bookstore.



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