The Church Is All Clean – Mahalo!!!

cleaningMahalo to all those that helped with the major church cleaning this pass Friday and Saturday.  The Church is all shiny and sparkly.  Ready for the Christmas season.


Tara Anuskewicz, Alexandrea Baptista, Herb & Abby Farm, Ernie Flores, Nancy Fukushima, Nelson, Natalie, Leila &  Jayna Gaspar, Ligaya Guzman, Danette & Sean  Hiura, Peggy Hung-Tsoi, John & Betty Kaniaupio, Alyson Kau, Frank & Carmen Kiyabu, Flo Lilio, Martin Medeiros, Bernadette Mesina, John Quisano, Bill & Arlene Rodenhurst, Curley  Rodrigues,  Gary & Marcella Sakamoto, Celia Simon, Roy Tachino, Kelli Toyama, Ernie Tumacder and Bev & Patrick Yearian

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