The Counselor’s Corner – November

counselors corner

By Ms. Kimee Cruz, School Counselor

The Sacred Hearts Core Values for the month of November are Justice and Option for the Poor.  A basic moral test of a any community is how our most vulnerable members are faring.  In a society marred by deepening divisions between rich and poor, our Catholic tradition instructs us to put the needs of the poor and vulnerable first.  In our last process group, students discussed ideas and ways in which we can help the poor and vulnerable of our community.

cc 1We began by using the analogy of our lives being like television. When we see something on the television that we don’t like or don’t want to think about, we change the channel. We do this in real life, too. If we see something unpleasant, we will turn the other way, but the reality is unpleasant things still happen.   Unpleasant realities in our community include homelessness, starvation and pollution.  The students shared ways they have helped with homelessness, they talked about the upcoming canned food drive and they even remembered last year when we made Blessing Bags with toiletries to help. Another topic we talked about was the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, a collection of marine debris in the North Pacific Ocean.  By our classes talking about these issues, we are not “changing the channel.”  We are thinking and articulating and coming up with ways to help our community and world.

cc2Through our discussions in our process groups, it was evident that many of our students have knowledge of current events.  Even our youngest students had great ideas and comments.  To me, it was an indication that this type of conversations are happening at home.  Great job families! I hope that with the holiday season approaching, families will continue to have these thought-provoking discussions. Take the time to look at what is happening in our community and world and ask your child:  “What do you think about it?” or “How do you think we can help?”

cc3Share your own stories.  As parents, you can share things you have done to help others. Parents are the first teachers, and our students are watching. During our dialogues, the kids often share their parents’ beliefs. Remember, we have a responsibility to be good role models. It is important for us to be consistent, because it is our consistency that can create habits. When they see us helping others, donating clothes, giving canned food or being of service, they will be more apt to do the same. Of course we are not perfect, but when we continue to better ourselves our children will notice and progress is still progress in the right direction!

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