Fast Food: Make it Healthier

Fast Food: Make it Healthier

fastfoodIt may be hard to avoid the convenience of fast food sometimes, but you can avoid the high calories and low nutrients with these strategies.


Plan Ahead. To cut down on unhealthy impulse buys, encourage your child to build his meal in advance. Bring home nutrition brochures from your favorite places, or look at their websites together. Point our healthier choices, and have your youngster draw or write out his order. Idea: For a math and nutrition lesson, ask him to sketch out a few menus and tally the nutrients, fat, sodium and calories for each.

food_healthy_choiceList Alternatives. Get your child invested in making healthy choices by brainstorming a “get this, not that” list. Examples: “Get water or fat-free milk, not soda.” “Get mustard, not special sauces.” “Get lettuce and tomato, not bacon and cheese.” Tip: Let him write out and decorate the list, and keep it in the car for reference.

Take It Home. When you stop for fast food, just get main courses, and then add nutritious sides from your refrigerator or pantry. You could serve any vegetables you have on hand, such as carrots, frozen peas, or canned corn. Place fruit on the table, too. Bonus: Put the food on real plates, and eat together at the kitchen table – it will feel much more like a family meal than if you eat in the car.

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