Hard at Work in Hawaiian Studies

Hard at Work in Hawaiian Studies

By Mrs. Desiree Tupou, Grades 5-7 Hawaiian Studies Techer

Tools of the Trade

hard at work

Hawaiian Studies students will complete a project each quarter of the school year.  The fifth grade students’ first quarter project was based on Chapter 5 of the Hawaiian Studies text, “Hawaiians Made Many Things—Tools.”  The project had two main objectives:  to identify how Hawaiian people of old lived in an ahupua’a and to identify the tools that were important for their survival.  Students were given the task of creating two tools that they felt were instrumental in the daily life of old Hawaii.  They used various supplies in creating their tools.  Students fashioned and produced cordage from coconut hairs, a feather kahili, a pump drill, adzes, fishing hooks, spears and walking sticks, just to name a few.  This project was a 3-part project consisting of creating the tools, giving an oral presentation and writing a reflection.

Mahalo Nui to our PE teacher, Mr. Shklov, who brought in handmade tool replicas from his father’s private collection.  The tools were crafted by a local artist. By sharing this collection, Mr. Shklov gave the students an opportunity to listen to the history behind the tools while getting an up close view of them.

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