Spotlight on First Grade

Spotlight on First Grade

St. Ann’s first graders have settled themselves into the routines of first grade and have acclimated to the “big school.”  They continue to make great strides in their academic, social and spiritual growth.  We look forward with excitement as they continue to learn and grow.

Praying with Mary and the Saints

By Mrs. Kathy Johnson, 1A Teacher

1st graders
Led by RE Principal, Mr. Bob Noguchi, first grade students pray with their body, mind and voice.

First graders participated in their first ever grade level retreat on October 1st. Mr. Noguchi, St. Ann’s Religious Education Principal, led the children in an uplifting morning of activities as they learned to pray with Mary and the Saints.

1st graders2
Mrs. MaryRose Timmons with Isabella Kiyabu, Joy Lisabeth Gora-Aina & Keila DeMaddis as the students make rosary bracelets

Students prayed through body, mind and voice and Mr. Noguchi helped them to understand that concept. As they prayed, they used their body motions to fold their hands or create motions for the lyrics of songs, they sang and said words for prayers that were on their minds and they used their voices to express words and thoughts. Before they ended the retreat, students made rosary bracelets they could use to help them pray a decade of the rosary at any time.

First graders were so grateful to have Mr. Noguchi and his Administrative Assistant, Mrs. Timmons for making their first retreat a memorable and meaningful experience that will help them stay closer to God, Mary and the Saints.

Flowering 1st Graders

By Mrs. Kathy Johnson, 1A Teacher

1st graders3
Grandparents, Nick Cambra & Michael Kiyabu helped their grandchildren, Iyden and Isabella plant flowers.

The first graders welcomed their Kupuna to the classroom for Kupuna Day on September 16. They shared some wonderful time together which included reading a letter they wrote for their Grandparents, taking a photo with them and creating a picture frame for it, and learning a bit more about our Church and School history through our heritage books. The highlight was planting flower seeds in a pot with their Grandparents! Prior to this planting activity, students were learning about plants in science class. They learned about the parts of a plant, how plants grow and what they need in order to live.  The flower pots were kept in school so the children could help water them and watch them grow before they are sent home to their Grandparents.

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