Heritage Week 2015

St. Ann Church and Model Schools Heritage Week 2015

heritage week
Launch of the new school new year!

Heritage Week was celebrated last month from Sept. 14th through Sept. 18th.  The goal for Heritage Week was to give the students an opportunity to understand and experience the rich history of St. Ann Church and Model Schools and to have them appreciate their role in carrying on the legacy left by our Kupuna generation and the Congregation of the Sacred Hearts.

heritage week 2
Jaelynn Carter-Kauhane shares a hug with her grandma

Heritage Week was full of fun activities and learning experiences.  On Monday, students gathered together to learn about the beginnings of St. Ann Church.  Fr. Ed Popish gave a brief history of the Congregation of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary here in Hawaii.  He explained how our little community of St. Ann Church began here in the Heeia area.

Wednesday was a full and exciting day.  We honored our kupuna by inviting them to share the day with their mo’opuna.  Kupuna celebrated our Opening of the School Year Mass, ministered by the 7th graders.  A reception followed the Mass and our grandparents were treated to refreshments and entertainment from Kaneohe’s senior citizens group, Na Kupuna O Ko’olau.  We also launched the new school year on Wednesday.  Armed with bubbles, champagne poppers and confetti bombs, the entire school welcomed in the 2015-2016 school year.  Mr. Robert Noguchi flew a performance kite to signify the great heights we hope to reach in the new year.  After the launch, our kupuna accompany their mo’opuna to their classes and participated in various activities.  The day ended with a shared lunch in the Food Court.

heritage week 3
Mrs. Cindy Wong explores tombstones at St. Ann Cemetery with Tyler Castello, Ayva Quinata Leila Smith.

On Thursday, the entire school walked to St. Ann Cemetery located in the middle of the parking lot at Windward Mall.  The students learned about the individuals buried at the cemetery that helped to make St. Ann Church and Schools a thriving community.  Students loved searching for the gravesite of the only priest buried there and the serviceman who perished at the bombing of Pearl Harbor.

Mrs. Daphne Kauhane, the Parish Director of Education did a presentation of St. Ann Model Schools on Friday.  She showed the students pictures of older school buildings that are no longer present on our campus.  The students were especially excited to see that St. Ann Church and Schools used to host a carnival.

Our Student Council also conducted activities throughout the week.  For one activity, students had to match different factoids with different teachers.  It was quite amusing watching them guess which teacher loves otters!  The student council also replicated one of the stain glass panels from the church and during lunch, students gathered to color in each piece.

This year’s Heritage Week goal were surpassed because of the wonderful experiences and activities conducted during the week.  Student felt great pride learning about our history as the they look forward to a bright future!

For more information:
Visit our bulletins @ ST. ANN CHURCH ​AND MODEL SCHOOLS
Visit our website at www.saintannhawaii.org


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